Useful Links

Some Legends of Hindustani Art Music on Dattaji's Audiofarm Channel

Dattaji's youtube channel dedicated to Hindustani Classical Music

Pandit Gajananbuwa Joshi's Vocal and Violin Music and his tuitions to his disciples

Pranav Parijaat: A trust dedicated to Indian Classical Music in Surat, Gujrat. “The web site is devoted to BhendiBazaar Gharana” - “The web site contains a Data Base of 1200+ Ragas and an Archive of audio samples of 750+ Ragas and a variety of Search Tools to enable the visitor to draw information from the Data Base as per his/her needs; using Raga Search Wheel or to know scale-congruent Ragas if the notes used are given using “Find Scale-Congruent Ragas” and much more”.

The Songs of Khayal by Nicolas Magriel with Lalita du PerronThe authors have collected, transcribed, translated and analysed 492 songs (bandishes) of khayal. The songs are all culled from commercial recordings of the twentieth century, beginning with the first ever recording of khayal, Gauhar Jan's rendition of rag Sur Malhar, recorded in 1902. The transcriptions utilise a modified form of Indian sargam notation, achieving an unprecedented degree of detail and accuracy with regard to rhythmic values and tonal nuance.

Our favorite links to Sites containing Raag Aroha/Avaroha, Classical Film Songs etc. What follows after these links, is our take on the various “Raag Angas”, a different Taxonomical structure, than the Thaat-paddhati formulated by Pt. V. N. Bhatkhande. Rajan Parrikar's scholarly site, by far the best resource on the net for the discerning listener. Adwait Joshi's site, full of very useful information on Hindustani raagas, taalas. The collection of Hindi and Marathi songs based on classsical raagas is delightful.

Artists-India Gallery: a directory of Hindustani classical vocalists, dancers, instrumentalists, drama artists, painters. Patrick Moutal's Indian Music Page has a lot of video and audio albums of vocal and instrumental documentaries and performances An excellent collection of blogs on Indian Classical Music written by some of the thinkers and performers of Indian Classsical Music at the forefront of “current” generation of musicians

Introducing yourself to Indian Classical music voices

Sound of India

Deepak Raja’s world of Hindustani Music. An excellent collection of thought provoking, informative and well written articles on music.

ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata,
Official website of India's renowned Gurukul for Hindustani Music. The site visitors have access to a very good archive of Hindustani music.

Excellent site especially for Western listeners - contains Raag notations using staff notations for various raags.

Basics of Hindustani Classical Music for Listeners: a downloadable PDF and an online video talk based on these slides