• Can't thank you enough!
    Love listening to your channel - cant thank you enough for providing joy to me and the family.
    Ever since Worldspace shut down, I was feeling a huge void. Your efforts are truly appreciated! Keep up the great work and god bless you!
    The website is also great as it provides details of upcoming events.
    Amol Deshpande
  • Just a short note to convey my sincere appreciation of the wonderful sight you are providing. It is giving me unending pleasure the day and night long. Thanks again.
    Subhash Edke.
  • Relaxing hearing to ShadjaMadhyam at 00:16 at -9c at Moscow Russia, lucky to hear Kumar Gandharva ji...Bliss....Thank you.

    Vinay Dixit

  • Thanks, I am all set now. Soothing peaceful music for my soul.
    May God Bless you all for creating this wonderful radio station.

    Warm Regards, Nandan

  • I have been listening to your internet radio for some weeks now. The service you are providing is long overdue. It is a wonderful experience to listen to ShadjaMadhyam. It helps in ways that are hard to put in words: it gives me a close encounter with the spiritual nature of existence, helps me to detach myself from the illusory worldly phenomena while still enjoying the subjective nature of reality. Your service is the best gift anyone can give to, amongst others, an old age pensioner.

    For listeners like me who have been away from India for a very long time, (and, indeed, for the non-NRI listeners) it would be a great help if the lyrics (even the few words that are inserted within the compositions) were available (in Devnagri script as well as in as close a translation as possible in English) along with the currently available space for the name of the artist and the composition on your website.

    Yours truly,
    Manmohan Kumbhat(Dr.)
    Ireland, april 8, 2013

  • Many many Thanks for the uninterrupted great music you have been providing us. I for one, enjoy it tremendously ! Thanks again.
    Subhash Edke
  • Happy Birthday ShadjaMadhyam. You have become an integral part of my life. Cant thank you enough. I listen to Tarang on a daily basis. Life would not be the same without it. Would like to take this opportunity to thank you and wish you success in keeping this beautiful music of ours alive


  • Our classical music and maestros like Gandharva are indeed our unique inheritance. I have discovered the joy of classical music only in recent times. I listen to ShadjaMadhyam on my smartphone quite regularly and it gives me great peace and joy.Your efforts in making Hindustani Sangeet accessible far and wide is truly commendable.

    Thanks and regards,
    Srinath Shiragalale

  • I discovered Shadja Madhyam on TuneIn Radio today. My wife, Shubhangi recently started her classical training again here in Atlanta. So we have been searching and listening everything that brings home music. We have several CDs from our collection. What I loved about Tarang experience is new singers and their singing. Given a nice and different perspective. These names may be very well established in Pune, for us they are fresh.

    Thank you for putting together such a great initiative.


  • It's helping me a lot as I can acquire or gain my knowledge in music lisening to so many rare ragas of many legends! Thanks a lot for creating this site. :)

    -- Sanjana Kaushik

  • Thanks you folks! You are doing a phenomenal job.. I am one of your avid listeners..you changed my life!

    -- Abhay Abe Oswal

  • I am enjoying the Tarang radio - would like to convey a big THANK YOU for your untiring efforts and excellent selections. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    - Jayaram Philkana

  • I am travelling to US and I wanted to listen good classical music. Your site came to my mind and I listened to Tarang. The quality is fantastic and very good music. The site has improved quite a lot since I visited last time.

    -- Hemant Joshi

  • I did it and am happy to comment that (now) I can enjoy the ShadajMadhyam immensly. It is really a great sender and I feel proud to have u there in my homeland.

    -- Parmjeet Sarkar

  • I have already started listening to the 'Radio Tarang' and it is fantastic. I do not know how to appreciate your efforts to make Hindustani Classical Music so much accessible to us who live far away from our homeland.

    -- Dr. Rafiq Khan, Ph.D, USA

  • Hello Mr. Arun Kashalkar, My name is Lorraine Craig, I hope all is well. discovered you on ShadjaMadhyam's Tarang (internet radio) here http://www.shadjamadhyam.com/tarang_schedule_for_week#tabs-example1-2 You sound wonderful !

    -- Lorraine Craig

  • Compliments on your efforts for promoting Hindustani classical music.

    -- Dhananjay

  • Tarang Radio on iPhone 4: Tarang radio works brilliantly on iPhone 4. Apple have now enabled streaming audio to be played in the background while you are using the phone or while the phone is on standby. It works great !

    -- Satchit

  • I read about your site few years ago in Pune news paper but could not get more information about it. yesterday I read in local Divya marathi paper and logged on jt. It is really wonderful site for listeners of indian music particularly when there are so many music stations of FM. I feel this is the ONLY music station which is worth tuning on and have peace of mind in this today's world on DHAM DHAM music.
  • Hello Team ShadjaMadhyam.
    Thanks for your e-mail. It' great to listen Tarang Radio. I do listen @ 2Hrs a day.
  • Extremely pleased to see your site and listening the invaluable classical music made available by you.
    -- S K Kothari