Tarang (internet radio) on mobiles

tarang on mobiles

We are pleased to announce on the auspicious occasion of Dassera, that "Tarang", the internet radio from ShadjaMadhyam is now available on mobile phones for your listening pleasure even while you are on the move! All you need is an internet enabled mobile phone (like Nokia E71 or iPhone) using GPRS or 3G to connect to the internet. Some mobile phones, like Nokia E71 comes with an internet radio pre-installed. If it is not already installed on your phone, you can download and install one of the freely available Internet Radio apps from the internet, and play the radio.

For Nokia Mobile Phones

For Nokia handsets, ShadjaMadhyam's internet radio station "Tarang" is available in nokia internet radio directory, just search the station and listen to "Tarang". The station directory provides station information for users to discover, categorized under genre, country, and language. The device player connects directly to the station's audio stream. The device player is available for Nokia S60 3rd edition devices and Nokia Internet Tablet. Tarang is successfully tested on Nokia E71, E72 phones.

The player is pre-installed in some devices. It is also available for downloading from www.nokia.com/internetradio or through the Download application in the device.

Tarang Radio on iPhone 4

Tarang radio works brilliantly on iPhone 4. Apple have now enabled streaming audio to be played in the background while you are using the phone or while the phone is on standby.

Logitech Squeezebox Boom Internet radio

To listen to i-radio, Tarang, on your Squeezebox Boom, just use any of the above URLs.

Tunein Radio

Tarang works fine in Tunein radio. Find it on Apple's App store. This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.