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Gaurav Chanda

  • ShadjaMadhyam's student Gaurav Chanda sings Raag Hameer.
  • Gaurav learns online from renowned Guru Dr. Vikas Kashalkar
  • Located at Seattle, WA, USA

Manasi Singh

  • Student of Dr. Vikas Kashalkar
  • ShadjaMadhyam's student performs Raag Todi: Badhawa Ban
  • Located at Austin, Texas

Abhishek Singh

  • Student of Dr. Vikas Kashalkar
  • ShadjaMadhyam's student performs Raag Marubihag
  • Located at Austin, Texas

Vikas Randev

  • Student of Mukul Kulkarni on ShadjaMadhyam
  • ShadjaMadhyam's student performs Raag Yaman: Dev Dev Mahadev
  • Located at Canberra, Australia

Feedback by student dated Jun 5, 2011

"First of all a big thank you for accepting me as a student. I had a great desire to learn music from an early part of my life but it never happened because in my family, studies were the top priority as both my parents were academics.For the last 37 odd years I have been singing the light music without understanding the basis of music.

I have been taking these lessons since past three weeks now and i have found a very positive change in my lifestyle (which was highly westernized....I don't want to elaborate on that) and I feel a new vigour and energy to go through the lessons with you. I feel very comfortable during the class and I don't feel as if I am sitting in Australia at 11:30 pm attending a lesson in classical music (I personally don't think that it would have been any better if I would have started learning when I was 10 years old as I wouldn't have found you!
I just remembered that good things come to those who wait......well it has been a worthwhile wait."

Manu Shrivastav

  • Student of Vidushi Padma Talwalkar
  • ShadjaMadhyam's student performs Raag Shuddha Sarang
  • Located at Phoenix, USA