The science of sound, Research articles

Welcome to the Science of Sound section. We'll be putting research articles, analysis and resources on the physics of sound, and different theories on the origin of swaras and shrutis used in Indian classical Music in this section. Scholars of Indian Music contribute in this section.
22 Shuti Tuner Android App (free)Mr. Prashant Punde
Science behind MusicAditya Shanker Raghuwanshi
Music and the muse: An identity for Kumar GandharvaPrateeksha Sharma
Gesture and Melody in Indian Vocal MusicMatthew Rahaim
Saptak, Tanpura and HarmonicsProf. Atul Phadke, Dept of Physics, S.P.College, Pune
The way your teeth are arranged can determine the quality of your voice.Lalit Pattajoshi
Rabindra Sangeet: An insight.Pradipta Chaudhuri, Sangeet Alankar

Punyaswar, 2011: A publication of Lalit Kala Kendra, University of Pune

International conference on Bandish and its facets - An IntroductionRanjani Ramchandran
Bandish and its facets: a key note addressDr Vikas Kashalkar
Differences and Similarities of Bandish in Khayal and DhrupadMs. Giovanna Milanesi
Composition in Hindustani Music and Western Classical Music - A comparative noteMatthew Rahaim
Bandish in light classical musicDr Suhasini Koratkar
Gat Vs BandishDr Arawind Thatte
Bandish on instruments with special focus on SitarPt Arwind Parikh
Role of Bandish in Dance: Special features of Bandish with reference to BharataNatyamDr Sucheta Chapekar
Rasa Theory with reference to Bharata's NatyashastraDr Jayashree Rajagopalan