Gurukul Fees: payment options

Here are the available options to send Gurukul Fees to shadjamadhyam portal. For any query please drop us an email (admin[at]

Options Details
Cheque, Pay Order, DD(post/courier) recommended for Indians In favor of "Antarnaad Creative Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd."
NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) Current Account No: 000505022669
MICR Code : 411229002
IFSC Code : ICIC0000005
Paypal(Add 5% to the fees towards Paypal charges) Paypal ID:
remit2india(Add 5% to the fees towards service charges) "Antarnaad Creative Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.", Current Account No: 00050522669, MICR Code : 411229002, IFSC Code : ICIC0000005


Antarnaad Creative Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
B-501, 10 Kastur Kunj,
ICS Colony, Bhosale Nagar,
Pune - 411 007
Maharashtra, India

1. As a policy, students pay in advance for 4 or 5 lessons a month (e.g. once a week).
2. If for some reasons, a session is missed, it is carried to the next month or can be rescheduled.
3. Students and Gurus keep track of the paid amount and number of lessons taken.
4. Students and Guru can reschedule the lessons, if need be, as per their convenience.