Raag Patmanjari

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In this eight minute piece, Pt. Vijay Koparkar explains beautifully and demonstrates in his "surilee" and sonorous voice, how five raags are seamlessly blended in the popular Patmanjari "Saajal Naina" immortalised by Pandit Kumar Gandharva: The mukhda is in Kedar, and the compisition blends Bhinna Shadja, Nand, Maru Bihag, and Shankara using the Ga and Pa as the common swaras and the fulcrum to switch from one raag to the other.

Courtesy info: Pt Vijay Koparkar, Raja Pundlik and Saptak (Nashik)

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Patmanjari as sung in Agra Gharana

Listen to another variant of Patmanjari, popular in Agra Gharana by Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan Sahib

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saajal naina

This is a beautiful demo. It is the mukhada of the antara that is in Kedar. The sthayi mukhada is in Bhinna Sadja.

Thanks for this.

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Thank you for such a wonderful session.

It is indeed so beautiful Guruji!! We really appreciate if whatever you speak during these sessions is in Hindi/english as some of us don't know marathi & we miss the intricacies of the subject.

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Thanks for this wonderful rendition by Pandit Vijay Koparkar. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Heard all the files uploaded. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from him :)

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Thanks for the V. Koparkar clips!

Simply marvellous sharing of Vijay-ji's clips and demonstrations. I thank you very much for these clips and lovely recording, and hope to see more of such treats!

Best wishes,
Rajiv Chakravarti.

PS: If I may, I would like to point out that the correct name should be "Patmanjari" and not "Patmanjiri" -- I have seen this wrongly spelt in various places and simply wish to encourage correction of the name here. Hope you don't mind.

Source Wikipedia:
The word "manjari" (mən'jə'ri:) is of sanskrit origin that primarily means a collection. e.g."katha manjari" (= a collection of stories like Hitopadesha). It is used in many Indian languages like Hindi ("phool manjari" meaning a collection of flowers or bouquet) and Kannada ("chitra manjari" meaning a collection of pictures i.e. a movie). Manjari also refers to flowers in general, mango flowers and creepers.

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Re: Thanks for the V. Koparkar clips!

Thanks a lot Rajiv, for your feedback and for pointing out the error. It has been corrected.
Regards, Nandu