Even the great gurus who have spent their entire lives in Riyaz and meditation, confess that they are mere students and have only begun to understand, and get glimpses of insight into the true essence of our Music. Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Saheb, one of the greatest exponents of Khayal and Thumri, likened himself to someone standing on the shores of a vast ocean trying to dip his toes in the water. Moreover, as the serious student knows, Hindustani music is not merely about Swaras and Raagas and Taals, something that can be learnt from books or on the internet. It is ideally taught and transmitted from guru to shishya, preferably sitting in front of him or her. We realize that what we have undertaken is ambitious. Hence a few words about our motivation would be relevant. Our modest objective is to use Technology to let the aspiring student find his or her Guru and vice versa, even if they are in different parts of the world, and to provide a platform to bridge the geographical divide, to enable the student to learn from the Guru, in an environment that mimics as closely as possible, a face-to-face learning experience. I-Gurukul will also host workshops over the Internet, on different topics of focused interest for the serious student. We also hope to draw into the “inner circle,” people who have an interest in Indian Classical Music, and would like to go deeper into it but are unable to do it for lack of access to a “Guru". i-Gurukul also features Music Appreciation workshops and lessons for aspiring beginners.

Join our Guru-Shishya Community

We are building a Database of Teachers all over the world, who would be interested in using the power of the Internet to connect with aspiring students. The teachers can then teach students face-to-face in a conventional Classroom if the student can be physically present, or use the i-Gurukul platform to teach students around the world, in a “Virtual Classroom” environment.

If you are a Teacher interested in using the i-Gurukul platform, or knowing more, please Contact Us.

If you are an interested student and would like to enroll for lessons, you can do so in the following simple steps:

  1. Register as a Member if you have not done so already.
  2. Search for and identify a Guru that you would like to take lessons from.
  3. Look at the Timetable of lessons and available slots, and chose the one that you find convenient.
  4. Attend a Lesson as a Guest – this step is optional
  5. Request for enrolling in the chosen Lesson slot, please give details of previous training if any.
  6. Once the Guru has accepted the student, enroll by Paying the fees by using the preferred mode of payment (the planned modes of payment are NEFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Credit Card, Paypal, and draft/cheque.) For details, visit Payment Options
  7. After enrollment is approved, the student finds the "Join" link to the chosen conference and can download the past lessons via 'Archive'.