ShadjaMadhyam: Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Gurukul
Virtula Gurukul (i-Gurukul) is an attempt to teach Indian Classical Music online using the best technology. Our objective is to create a resource center that anybody with access to the Internet can come to, in order to learn from a Guru, listen to the performances and recordings of the Masters as well as upcoming artistes, and access other resources relating to Indian Classical Music.

Registration on the portal
Registration on the portal is absolutely free. Registered members avail many facilities like access to Internet Radio (Tarang), Articles on Indian Classical Music (Sahitya), Webcast of performances, event updates etc ...

Choosing a Guru
Yes, you are free to contact desired Guru. View Guru Panel and send enrollment request to desired gurus

Microphones and Speakers
The system is successfully tested on available microphones and speakers. Headsets are recommended for best audio quality. Recommended devices include Table top mic M-27, Power 9 laptop mini speakers (vendor: i-Ball), speaker+microphone combination (c100, vendor: Polycom)

Learn from many Gurus
Yes, one can request many Gurus for lessons. Gurus will approve the request depending upon the proficiency level of a student.


Payment of fees
Payment to the Gurus can be made by using following ways .... 1) Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) 2) paypal, 3) cheque/draft deposited into account, 4) cheque, PO, draft sent by email 15% of the decided fees will be sent towards the maintenance of the portal. Click to see detailed info on Payment Options

Enter as a Guest
Yes, if you are not a registered user of the portal, you can sign in as a guest and experience our virtual classroom.

Music Circle
A music circle is a music club or an organization which does a music related activity like organizing music events, seminars, concerts, lecture-demonstrations. Many such music circles are registered on this portal and their events are listed on this portal. Music Circles can also create their schedule on this portal.

Contribute to ShadjaMadhyam
One can contribute by sending articles, recordings, updating on events, clippings. We'll publish these with your courtesy information. The sent material must not be objectionable with regards to copyrights.

Music Circle
A music circle is a music club or a music institution which does a music related activity like organizing music events, seminars, concerts, lecture-demonstrations.


Enroll as a Guru
Yes, you can apply as a Guru on this portal. Administrator will approve your request considering your eligibility and experience the field.

Payment to Gurus
Teacher and students decide a fee plan, and 10% of the fees are sent towards the maintenance of the portal, rest goes to Guru/teacher.

What is a webcast?
A webcast is a media file distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. Essentially, webcasting is "broadcasting" over the Internet. Concerts all over the world are webcast through this portal. Webcasts can be free and paid as well.

Browser Support
Popular browsers like Internet Explorer (Version: 6,7) and Firefox (version 3+) are tested best for site viewing and for online music lessons.


What genres of music are taught here?
Currently Indian Classical music (Hindustani Classical) is taught here ...both vocal and instrumental (Tabla, Sitar, Sarod, Harmonium, Violin). Renowned Gurus of all Gharanas/styles are associated with ShadjaMadhyam. We will soon be coming up with other forms of Indian Music for online training.

Advertising on ShadjaMadhyam music portal
Yes, for this, you need to contact the webmaster with details. Send an email to admin[at]shadjamadhyam.com

Tickets of a Music Event or a Music Festival
Yes, we publish the details (for buying tickets via us) on the portal in advance.