History of Indian Classical Music

In this section of Sahitya, articles on History of Indian Classical Music , evolution of Gharanas and related information is posted. Please check the left navigation for articles. History of music since the Vedic times, development and history of different Gharanas in vocal and instrumental music is discussed in details here.

Eminent scholars in the field, Dr. Purnima Dhumale, Pt Madhavbuwa Ingle, Rajendra Vaishampayan, Dr. Smita Maduskar have contributed in this section.

Analytical study of vocal forms in Hindustani Classical Music with reference to Sangeet Ratnakar Author
Sam: Vocal form in the Vedic Period ( 5000 B.C. to 2000 B.C) Dr. Purnima Dhumale
Sangeet Paddhati in the period of Sharangdev Dr. Smita Maduskar
Vocal forms in the Natyashastra Period Dr. Purnima Dhumale
Transitions in the post natyashastra period (700 A.D. to 1100 A.D.) Dr. Purnima Dhumale
Ratnakar kaal: Prabandh concept and various Prabandhas Dr. Purnima Dhumale
Some noteworthy Prabandhas Dr. Smita Maduskar
Nibadhdha gaayan - Roopakaalapti Dr. Smita Maduskar
Dhrupad Dr. Smita Maduskar
Dhamaar Dr Smita Maduskar
Vocal form in the Modern Period: The evolution process
Dr. Purnima Dhumale
Relation between ancient and modern vocal forms Dr. Purnima Dhumale
Gharana History Author
What is a Gharana? ShadjaMadhyam Team
Gwalior Gharana Pt Madhavbua Ingle
Sabha Gayan (Mehfil/Concert) Pt Madhavbua Ingle
Subject Author
History of Samvadini Rajendra Vaishampayan
Saadho, Aisaa Hi Guru Bhaave Rajendra Vaishampayan