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  • Congratulations Mukul and Nandu on completeing five years of your excellent service to Indian Classical Music. May you continue to offer the JOY of Indian Classical Music to ALL the music lovers in the World for many many years to come.

    Best wishes for the wonderful work you are doing.
    Datta Gumaste.

  • Respected sir,
    I've gone through site:, I would like to say that clean and excellent effort has been made to present the history of indian classical music, the concept of Prabadha introduced in 8th century by Matanga muni and further developed by Sarngadeva’s music classic Sangita-Ratnakara (13th cent. AD).
  • I must be one of the biggest fans of Shadjamadhyam. I listen to their Tarang Radio almost on a daily basis. I also tell about them to many friends who like classical music. Its one of the sources where I know about concerts. Am also on their mailing list. One of my most favourite websites :)


  • Thanks.Whenever I listen on tarang I always thank you for creating this wonderful internet site for the music lovers.Music, music related literature, help to music student, discussion forum: Really it is a very thoughtful work done by you. Hearty congratulations and my deepest thanks to you.

    Suhas Patki

  • It is an exceptionally admirable portal..I am very much benefited from it. Like it very very much. Thank you so much.

    Abhijit Mazumdar setarist

  • I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful site. I believe that hindustani music should be made more accessible to the younger generation of India and perhaps will help to reduce strife, stress, and promote harmony among people. This initiative should be promoted through schools and colleges so that everyone gets to enjoy the wonders of our tradition.

    -- Kaushik Mukherjee

  • Dear Nandusaheb,
    Namaskar and "Happy Holidays with Prosperous New year..!"

    I must 'Congratulate' you for doing wonderful service in classical and related music world. I am very impressed and glad to see your wonderful websites 'ShadjaMadhyam' and 'Gajananbuwa Joshi.

    Jayant V. Kulkarni.
    (New York)
    Tel: 718-565-5720.

  • On a different note, place on record my thanks for providing this opportunity. It is a boon for students such as me, where distances are considerable, but the mind and heart wants otherwise. It is really good to note, somebody has recognized this and bridged the gap.
    -- Deepa Devaraj
  • Have gone thro' the music portal shadjamadhyam after a long time. Now I find it very exciting and more valuable for someone interested in classical music. You have done marvellous job!

    -- Dr S M Karandikar, MD, D Cl Ph
    Former Prof & Head, Dept of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, KEM Hospital, Mumbai and Director Centre for Gerontology and Elderly Medicine, B V Medical College, Pune

  • Webinar by Amod Dandage (Tabla artist): Sept 17, 2010 (Non-expandable compositions of Farukhabad Gharana)

    I would like to say thanks to shri Amod ji for this lovely session. It was very informative on the subject and I particularly enjoyed the recitation of bol and display on tabla.

    -- Nalini Kumari Jani (UK)

  • Many thanks for the registration. Sorry for delay in thanking.

    I have been navigating the website. It is beautifully created with respect to content, spirits and the style.
    Everything is awesome from the concept to the contents in its true sense. Many thanks for this website.

    Quick questions:

    Under the sahitya tab, under the Riyaaz section, I like the presentation slides by Dr. Sharangpani

    Can I save them on my disk to listen? Please help me to download this presentation. Can I also save the Sur Scale on the graphical. I liked it very much.

    -- Gulshan Sethi

  • About ShadjaMadhyam i-Gurukul

    Thank you SO much for making this linkage possible. I enjoyed the lesson with my Guru and I look forward to the next one.

    -- Usha Joshi Balkrishnan

  • No words to express my feelings about web site excellent service.
    -- Vinay Bengali
  • Shadjamadhyam is an excellent combination of technology and music.
    -- Gaurid6