Sahitya (Articles, Information, e-books, Literature, Concepts on Hindustani Classical Music)

Click on each section to have detailed 'Index". Sahitya has webinars, articles and discussions by eminent artists.
Hindustani Raag Sangeet
Click here for basic concepts. Chalan, Bandishes and audio/video clips illustrating the rules of each Raag
Taal Vidya
Wealth of resources on percussion instruments in Hindustani Music. Kaaydas, Peshkaars for Tabla and Pakhawaj
History of music since the Vedic times. Development and history of different Gharanas in vocal and instrumental music.
Musical Instruments
Information about the history, structure and properties of different instruments used in Indian music.
The Science of Sound
Research articles, analysis, publications and resources on the physics of sound, and different theories used in Indian classical Music.
Music Therapy
Articles by Experts, Activities and Experiments. Medical practitioners, artistes are welcome to contribute/share.
Aesthetics of Music
Aesthetics of Music
Research articles and other resources on “soundarya shastra,” aestetics in the field of music.
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