ShadjaMadhyam: a Complete Portal for Indian Classical Music

Welcome to, a complete music portal for the serious listener and student of Indian Classical Music. Our attempt is to create a resource center that anybody with access to the Internet can come to, in order to learn from a Guru, listen to the performances and recordings of the Masters as well as upcoming artistes, and access other resources relating to Indian Classical Music. Given the background of the creators of the site, we will initially focus on Hindustani Classical Music (or North Indian Classical Music, as it is often called) but once the platform matures, we believe it could equally well work for Carnatic and other genres of music.

Our objective, therefore, is to leverage the power of the internet and multimedia, to bridge the geographical gap between Gunijan and Rasik, Guru and the aspiring Shishya. We hope to achieve this through the following means:

i-Gurukul: Leverage Distance Learning technologies and tools for teachers to impart lessons to students in any part of the world, through a Virtual Classroom. We hope to simulate as closely as possible, a face-to-face lesson. The student would also be able to access recordings of sessions for later practice.

Baithak: Webcast (live and recorded) concerts and performances in different parts of the world..

Sahitya: Create a digital repository of material useful for the serious student and researcher of Hindustani Music.

Tarang: An Internet Radio, channel, devoted to Hindustani Music.

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