ShadjaMadhyam takes on a new Avatar: RagaSphere

Dear Music Lover,

ShadjaMadhyam has now completed over seven years of existence in its current form, and our user community has grown from zero to several thousand music lovers, and still more get added every day.

In keeping with changing technology and the exciting possibilities it opens up, ShadjaMadhyam is taking on a new Avatar, "RagaSphere". Most of the features and content on, and much more will now be available on in a richer and more engaging format. Over the next few weeks, we will wind down ShadjaMadhyam and welcome all our users on to RagaSphere.

Here is a brief summary of the different parts of RagaSphere that will take you even deeper into Indian Classical Music.

So, first of all, What is RagaSphere?

RagaSphere is a global community built around Indian Classical Music.Primarily focused on the listener, RagaSphere helps you to understand the basic concepts and finer nuances of Indian Classical Music, so that you enjoy music even better.

What will I find on RagaSphere?

RagaQuest, the centrepiece of RagaSphere, will help you understand everything you need to know about Indian Classical Music, through a collection of imaginatively created, animated videos designed to walk you through the basic and advanced concepts of Indian Classical Music. This will be an ongoing journey, aided with lectures and demonstrations conducted by learned musicians and experts.

RagaTarang is the familiar Internet Radio that ShadjaMadhyam users have been listening to. In addition to music from some of the masters as well as upcoming artists, we intend to bring you more educational content such as taleem sessions by some of the great masters, and live recordings of workshops and lectures by eminent musicians and musicologists.

RagaForum is a discussion forum for the music community where you can ask questions or share your thoughts, or even tell other music lovers about a great concert you attended last weekend.

Over the next few months, we will also add:

RagaBaithak will bring you the "true" Baithak experience, with the artist performing in front of a small, intimate gathering of music lovers, brought to you wherever you are through live streaming.

RagaQuiz a music quiz in a game-like format, to assess your own understanding of concepts of Indian Classical Music using audio and video clips of vocal and instrumental music, and even film songs based on Classical Music.

RagaMitra will help you find like-minded music lovers in the vicinity of where you live, or know about a concert in the the town you happen to be visiting!

Finally RagaRiyaz will be a set of apps and tools to help you in your daily riyaz, for honing your performance skills and understanding.

So come, sign up and log in to RagaSphere and join us on the endless journey that is Indian Classical Music.

Best Regards,
ShadjaMadhyam and RagaSphere teams